HUMANE TOUCH is a registered, secular, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (Registration no:381/1999-2000) working in Bangalore City since 1999, providing hope to the less fortunate and a "humane touch" to the lives of all who we come in contact with.

Our Vision is to create an equitable society.

Our Mission Statement is "To make every human being self sufficient and capable of earning a living".


HUMANE TOUCH started as just a group of young women with an urge to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Initially Humane Touch adopted the course of rehabilitating the disabled; especially children affected with Polio. As an attempt to help the disabled, Humane Touch sponsored calipers and organized surgeries when needed. This led to other areas which needed a Humane Touch; a caring way of reaching out to the less-privileged ones.


The activities of Humane Touch have grown in response to the crying need of the community……

  • Education
  • Scholarship for Higher Education
  • Vocational Training Center for Girls
  • Medical Aid – Medical camps & Individual Medical aid
  • Mass Weddings
  • Micro-Credit
  • Distribution of Food-grains
  • Reconstruction of houses and many more.